Tee: Anthropologie / Denim: Mother / Jacket: Zara (similar here & here) / Booties: Jeffrey Campbell / Bag: Stella McCartney / Sunglasses: Le Specs

Happy Monday!!

I hope you are enjoying your Monday off :)

When I saw this tee at Anthropologie I had to get it immediately. I love anything with subtle embroidery – especially if it says something cute. And it was affordable! Such a win. I also recently purchased this Jacket from Zara. I’m always hesitant to spend more than $100 (or usually close to $100 haha) on a single item at places like Zara or H&M. I know the quality is not worth $100 at all buuuuut this Zara does have a reputation for making some pretty good outerwear. The first time I saw it in the store I didn’t get it but after a few days I was still thinking about it so I knew it would be a worthwhile investment so I went for it!

Also when it comes to H&M, Zara, Forever 21, or whatever your fave ‘fast fashion’ shop is, I almost always order online. I know that in those stores a million people may have tried on what you are about to buy and it probably was thrown on the floor or was crumpled in a pile with a ton of other clothes at some point. When I order online I know that no one else has tried it on and its perfectly clean!

One last pro-tip: when you get denim that has frayed hems but they’re too long or you’re wearing high top boots (like I am in this look) fold them up once so you can still appreciate the fray while rocking whatever tall shoe you want!

See you for wednesday trendsday :)

Photography: Bri Elledge

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Sweater: Target (similar here & here) / Skirt: Storets (similar here & here) / Tights: Spanx / Booties: Jeffrey Campbell / Jacket: Gap (similar here & here) / Sunglasses: Le Specs / Bag: Saint Laurent

Happy Friday!!

So I’m not really a big jean jacket person but I have ben loving the pieces that Gap has come out with recently – and I’m not really a Gap person either! They also have some pretty cute shoes and other basics; go check them out if you haven’t recently.

When my photographer Bri and I were shooting this look on a cute corner in the West Village this huuuge group of tourists came walking by led by a tour guide. They stop on our corner and the tour guide starts telling the group that the corner we were all on is the one that the characters on Friends lived at and the little restaurant on the corner was supposed to be Central Perk. I looked at the street signs on the corner and immediately recognized the Bedford St. & Grove St. from the countless scene transitions from the show. I’m such a huge Friends fan so I was pretty disappointed in myself that I didn’t recognize where we were before hand!

The things that happen to you in New York City. Also the restaurant on that corner – pretty sure it was called Little Owl (?) – looked super cute and I def need to go to brunch there soon.

See you Monday! :)

Photography: Bri Elledge

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1. Loafer
Every fashion girl owns this Gucci loafer. Whether its the slide version or the embroidered version, there’s no doubt that a cute loafer is a must have flat for your wardrobe. If you can’t afford to splurge upwards of $600 on Gucci loafers there’s some super cute look-alikes that I’ve linked below!

2. Thick-Heeled Sandal
Okaaaay so this isn’t technically a flat haha but with a thick heel and your foot strapped in, they’re almost as comfortable! Everyone can use some lift now and again and this is a great option in the warm weather – especially to show off a cute pedicure. I love thick heeled sandals like these.

3. Animal Print
Its always a little risky when going for that animal print, but one of the safest versions is in your shoes. Especially a snake or alligator print that has subtle detailing and neutral colors. I’m also suuuuper into a bit of leopard print on the feet! I definitely need to invest in some cute leopard print booties.

4. Lace-Ups
Looove me a good lace-up. It’s the perfect detail to tie (literally) an outfit together. Although these flats look best with shorts or a cute skirt, you can totally roll up your jeans to give room for the tie.

5. D’Orsay
If you’re tired of a boring ballet flat, the d’orsay is a perfect solution. The subtle detail is so pretty and feminine while still giving you the advantage of easy to wear and comfortable flats. Madewell always has some good d’orsay styles on hand.

6. White Sneakers
Nothing says warm weather like a pair of white sneakers and some cute shorts. These are perfect for every day and almost any outfit. I love that you can throw on a pair of sneakers with a dress or some grungy jeans. Can never go wrong.

7. Espadrille Inspired
Okay another non-flat haha sorry! I just thought these espadrille-inspired wedges were so cute and perfect for warm weather strolling. I don’t technically consider these heels either since they’re so easy to walk in and comfy. Don’t be afraid to throw these on all day – you’ll totally feel fine! And look super cute :)









Top: J. Crew / Blazer: Zara (similar here & here) / Denim: Paige / Belt: Nordstrom (similar here & here) / Booties: Stuart Weitzman / Sunglasses: Dior / Bag: Saint Laurent

Happy Monday!

Even though I didn’t get as much sleep as I would have liked last night, I’m feeling really good today for some reason! It is soooo freezing in NYC today – its the wind that kills!! Nothing too exciting on the agenda for this week, just looking forward to that long weekend and planning my wardrobe for an upcoming tropical getaway!!

Everyone has a color that looks super good on them and is like ‘their’ color. For me, that’s emerald green. I love turtlenecks (if you couldn’t tell) and when I saw this one in my fave color at J. Crew I had to get it (plus it was on major sale yay!). Its super comfy and a great basic to throw on when its cold out.

Also I’ve been randomly obsessing over this belt again. I keep throwing it on every outfit – I just feel like it tops off every look.

See you on Wednesday!!

Photography: Bri Elledge

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Top: Storets (similar here & here) / Denim: Levi / Boots: Vince Camuto / Sunglasses: Rayban / Clutch: Louis Vuitton (similar here & here)

Happy Fridayyyyy!!

So happy its finally the weekend! I can’t wait to relax allll weekend!

Not going to lie I am having major FOMO seeing all the amazing pics from New York Fashion Week. I’m so sad I’m not able to attend any events this season but I’m definitely going to next season! The snow storm yesterday was magical and it slowed the city down which felt much needed even though it was freeeeezing today.

What are you guys up to this weekend?!

See you Monday :)

Photography: Bri Elledge

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Sweater: Banana Republic (similar here & here) / Denim: J Brand / Boots: Vince Camuto / Clutch: Louis Vuitton (similar here & here) / Sunglasses: J. Crew

Happy Monday!!

Can I just say that Banana Republic has some super cute sweaters at really great prices. I literally got this sweater for $30. The sweaters always start out a bit expensive but hold out because almost all of them go on sale, like this one did! Definitely am going to have to invest in a few more :)

I decided to take the morning off this Monday and rest and enjoy my workout. I feel its important to get a good start to the week in order to really tackle it. Nothing too exciting planned this week – just braving the NYC rain & snow!

Also – this clutch actually is an insert of a big tote I got from Louis Vuitton. I love it because I only use the tote to carry around my laptop (or clothes for shoots haha) and the little insert is so perfect for when I don’t feel like carrying a huge bag. I just throw my phone and cards in there and I’m ready to go!

See you Wednesday :)

Photography: Ian Lam

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Sweater: Zara (similar here & here) / Denim: Citizens of Humanity / Boots: Stuart Weitzman / Bag: Louis Vuitton (similar here & here) / Sunglasses: Rayban

Happy Monday!!

It’s going to be quite the cold week here in NYC so I’m basically going to be a pink blob in my huge coat and scarf all week long! haha

So can you tell I’m obsessed with bell sleeves?! Definitely one of my favorite trends going into the new year. I picked up this sweater unsure about how I felt about it at Zara but it was cheap so I figured I’d go for it. I ended up loving it because it’s so thick and chunky (and I love everything thick and chunky lol). It’s also super comfy and perfect for this freezing week ahead! I decided to pair it with some statement boots first because I needed some lift because the top is so big and kind of drowns me, I needed to offset it with some height and clean lines. Also the color is pretty neutral and boring so it was the perfect opportunity for a bit of a statement!

My boyfriend and I decided to go on a Sunday evening stroll in midtown last night. We stopped in Ralph’s Coffee Shop in the Ralph Lauren store on 5th avenue and it was soooo cute! I’ve seen blogger photos of it before (I’m sure you have too haha) so I knew what it was but it was even cuter in person! If you’re in NYC and doing the big trek down 5th ave, this is a great rest spot; definitely check it out!

I’m going strong on Week 3 of #bbg! My eating habits haven’t been the best since I started though :( I’ll start the week out really good and eating healthy all day long then towards Friday and the weekend I’ll succumb to a few cheat meals! I’m going to try and be better this week and stick to only one cheat meal this weekend. Let’s see how this goes!!

See you Wednesday :)

Photography: Bri Elledge

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Jacket: Blank NYC / Sweater: Nordstrom (similar here & here) / Denim: Paige / Booties: Jeffrey Campbell / Sunglasses: Dior / Bag: Saint Laurent

Happy Fridayyyyy!!!

Omg I’m sooooo happy its the weekend!! Haha I am so tired from such a hectic week so I can’t wait to just sleep in a relax a lllll weekend!

My mom got me this super cute moto jacket for christmas and I love it. Its one of the most affordable mock-suede moto jackets I’ve come across and for its quality and how cute it is, I’d definitely recommend! I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on it.

I also really love these Jeffrey Campbell booties. Another pretty affordable piece, these boots are still a classic you can add to your wardrobe but I love how they have that little touch of uniqueness with the silver detail in the heel. I love additions like this. Its all about the details :)

See you on Monday!

Photography: Ian Lam

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Happy Wednesday Trendsday!! (on a Thursday haha)

One of my ultimate dreams is to attend a Dior Couture show in Paris. Dior is one of my favorite designers in terms of clothing. I am continuously fascinated by the beautiful silhouettes and timeless trends created in every collection.

I particularly became infatuated with Dior Couture after watching the amazing documentary, Dior and I, which I have mentioned before. The long and impressive history at Dior makes each collection even more special, so I was excited to see what the Spring Couture show would be like this year.

You can see the rest of the looks from the show here.

I attached some Dior-inspired dresses below :)

See you Friday!

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Coat: Club Monaco (similar here & here) / Top: Madewell / Denim: Citizens of Humanity / Booties: Club Monaco / Sunglasses: Rayban / Bag: Celiné

Happy Monday!!

I’ve always been a huge plaid fan. When I saw that Madewell came out with this button down I got it like the next weekend haha. It’s so comfy and cute! I’ve also owned these jeans for a bit now. I got them on a good sale at Club Monaco (because Citizens of Humanity is super expensive!). They’re suuuch good quality though and look amazing.

January is kind of the worst month of the year haha. It’s freezing and nothing exciting is going on. The only time the cold is acceptable is during the holidays (even though I do love Fall and Winter fashion). So I am super ready to move on to February! This year is going to be great – lots of exciting things happening and travels planned! Stay tuned :)

See you Wednesday!