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Photography: Fernando Familiar

Coat: H&M / Sweater: Nordstrom (similar here & here) / Denim: Banana Republic / Flats: Chloe / Sunglasses: Illesteva / Bag: Chloe

Happy Monday!
Can you tell I’m obsessed with this coat? I even wore it again today! I had no idea I would love this coat and wear it as much as I do. I was hesitant to purchase it at first because it was $70 from H&M. Rarely do I go above spending $50 on one item from H&M just because the quality really isn’t there for what you’re paying, but I saw this coat multiple times in the store and finally I got it.
I always say that if you see a piece of clothing that you really like but you aren’t sure if you want to actually purchase it, take a day or two and if you’re still thinking about it then you should definitely invest. There’s nothing worse than regretting not purchasing something!
See you Wednesday!

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Top: Mara Hoffman / Shorts: Mara Hoffman / Clutch: Kayu Design / Swimsuit: Marysia / Sunglasses: Karen Walker / Hat: Eugenia Kim / Sandals: Loeffler Randall

Happy Wednesday Trendsday!
Since I am looking forward to a beach getaway in my near future I thought I’d put together a little outfit inspo for a day at the beach/pool/resort.
I am obsessed with the Mara Hoffman set I am seriously debating on getting it for my trip! I have been lusting after these glasses for a while now (if you couldn’t tell by looking to the right) and I love them in this turtle color. Even though they are pretty big they don’t overwhelm your face which I love.
I’ll be dreaming of the beach until I see you on Friday! :)

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Photography: Fernando Familiar

Coat: Forever 21 / Turtle neck: Club Monaco / Denim: Forever 21 / Booties: Club Monaco / Bag: Celine / Sunglasses: Free People

Happy Monday!
I love this look for the coming weeks as it starts to (finally) get warmer in NYC! The color palate and easiness of is totally suites the spring time.
I love to wear turtle necks but I only owned black ones so I decided to invest in a little something different and I’m so glad I did! Club Monaco has a really great variety of different colors and patterns in turtle necks; and J. Crew does as well! Such a good spring transition staple.
See you Wednesday!

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Photography: Fernando Familiar

Top: H&M / Denim: H&M / Vest: Topshop / Sneakers: Isabel Marant / Bag: Zara (similar here & here) / Sunglasses: Rayban

Happy Friday!
Today’s a quick post is a cute and casual outfit for running around the city :) I always love adding a third piece to an outfit; I think that third piece, whatever it may be (scarf, hat, vest) always brings your look to another level. That piece for me today was this amazing vest I got from Topshop! Just the jeans and flannel would have been a little bit toooo casual for me but the vest pulls the whole thing together!
Have an amaaaazing weekend and don’t forget to add that third piece! :)
See you Monday :)

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Happy Wednesday Trendsday on a Thursday!
Yesterday was so hectic and crazy I didn’t have a chance to sit down for a new #wednesdaytrendsday post! Such a fail. Anyway, today I wanted to share some of my thoughts on whether or not to splurge or save on denim. There are many pieces that I definitely splurge on and most of the time the reason for the splurge is the quality of the item. Coats that will keep you warm, bags that will be in style for decades, and shoes that will last are a few of the reasons for a good splurge.
However, denim is something I don’t necessarily splurge on or believe that a splurge is necessary. I’ve owned my fair share of splurge-worthy denim and cheap denim and from my experience, I would say about ninety percent of the time I will go for the cheap denim.
The only major difference between expensive denim and cheap denim is the style. Obviously the expensive denim is going to be a littleeee bit cuter than the cheap denim, but for the most part I can find something that is super similar. The quality, as well, will be different, but I’ve found that my cheap denim still lasts me a long time. It may not be as soft or stretchy or durable, but it will last me.
I’ve laid out a few comparisons, and by all means if you prefer the expensive denim and love the jean, go for it! There have been a few pairs I’ve encountered that are just too cute to pass up, but for the most part I’ll stick to Forever 21, H&M, or Blank NYC :)
See you tomorrow!

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Photography: Fernando Familiar

Coat: H&M / Top: Club Monaco (similar here & here) / Denim: Forever 21 / Heels: Madewell / Earmuffs: American Apparel (similar here & here)

Happy Monday!
Today I am showcasing this white coat again that I wore in last Friday’s post! It’s really important to me that readers of my blog believe that it’s okay to re-wear pieces you love. It’s so easy to see other bloggers or celebrities and think that you need to have a huge wardrobe that allows you to wear something completely new everyday. I do not advocate for that at all and I believe that working and experimenting with pieces that you truly love reinvents them and makes them new.
My outfit last Friday was super casual and comfy. I took out the belt that this coat comes with and made it slouchy and chic with this amazing crop top that I got from Club Monaco last year. I love all white in the winter time with a pop of color in the heel.
Hope you are inspired to try something new with your favorite old piece :)
See you Wednesday!

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Photography: Fernando Familiar

Coat: H&M / Top: H&M / Leggings: Under Armor (similar here & here) / Boots: J. Crew / Bag: Stella McCartney / Sunglasses: Illesteva

Happy Friday!
I saw this coat and top combo at H&M and loved it so much I got them both! This coat is definitely great and super cute to throw over any outfit, which is why I got it, otherwise it really doesn’t keep me that warm so I wouldn’t rely on it too much on a cold day–you know, H&M quality!
This is a super comfy and casual outfit to throw on for the weekends. I’m a dedicated fan of black and white so it fit me perfectly :)
See you Monday!

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Coat: Canada Goose / Sweater: Elliatt / Pants: Mother / Boots: Stuart Weitzman / Cardigan: Acne Studios / Bag: Givenchy / Sunglasses: Illesteva

Happy Wednesday Trendsday!
I wanted to do a little outfit inspo around this Canada Goose coat becauseeee literally everyone in NYC owns this coat. I can’t go outside without seeing someone wearing a Canada Goose. I don’t usually like parkas, but I do really like this color and this coat specifically doesn’t have any quilting detail so it looks less like a puffer jacket!
If I were to ever invest in a parka it would definitely be this one :)
See you Friday!

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Photography: Fernando Familiar

Jacket: Mother (similar here & here) / Top: H&M (similar here & here) / Denim: H&M / Booties: Club Monaco / Bag: Celine / Sunglasses: Illesteva

Happy Monday!
I have had this top for a while now and I have been obsessed with it! I love the structure of it. I couldn’t find it online but it’s definitely still in stores! I can’t wait to wear it when it gets warmer out because I feel like pairing it with the jacket takes away from it just a little!
I tried the top on with a blazer as well but the peplum is so overpowering that you definitely need a more cropped outwear with this!
I love my white denim jacket and throw it over anything when I feel like an outfit needs something more.
See you Wednesday!

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Happy #WednesdayTrendsday!
Today is a little different because I’ve been really wanting to switch up Wednesday Trendsday! I want to start exploring different areas of fashion and beauty and maybe even some tutorials!

I really love the way the items I carry in my bag are broken down. First I carry all my makeup essentials in this amazing leather pouch from Eileen Fisher my boyfriend’s grandma got me. I mostly carry different lip essentials in this bag. I love the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. It stays on really well and always looks super clean. I also really love these colors for the winter time. I also carry a little round of Bare Minerals concealer which has a little mirror in it and is great for touch ups. Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf is my go-to perfume so I love to carry a little roller of it to touch up after being in crowded spaces (which is all the time in New York). The last things you can find in this pouch are obviously some hair ties, some more lip glosses, and a little Chanel :)

Another lip essential that I am obsessed with is the Sugar Lip Treatment by Fresh. It has SPF which is great for me because I always need to protect my fair skin! I also love that it acts as a lip balm. During winter my lips get so chapped so I am constantly throwing this on. I have it in the Nude shade and its perfect for my skin tone but this balm comes in a million different colors.

I don’t typically use a wallet so I’ll just throw all my cards and ID’s into this cute little card case that my mom got me, especially since my Chloe Drew bag isn’t big enough for a wallet!

The last essential that I always have on me is the bright coin purse by Comme des Garcons that my boyfriend got me. This is where I keep all my Metro cards for the subway and any other important things like receipts or gift cards. I love that its so bright and accessible because no matter what type or size of purse I am carrying, I always seem to lose things in it, and I’m usually always in a hurry to catch the subway!

I hope you liked this new edition of Wednesday Trendsday, and let me know in the comments if there’s anything you’d like to see in the future!

See you Friday :)