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Tee: Club Monaco / Vest: Club Monaco (similar here) / Coat: H&M / Scarf: Zara (similar here & here) / Denim: J Brand / Boots: Stuart Weitzman (similar here) / Sunglasses: Le Specs / Bag: YSL

Happy Fridaaaayyy!!

It’s going to be a super fun weekend as I’m headed out to LA to meet my boyfriend and sister for her birthday and Halloween! Yay!!

I’m obsessedddddd with this blanket scarf. Not only is the plaid super cute but it is soooo warm!! I got this coat from H&M last season and it came with a cute little black & white belt that I just took off for this look. I wear this coat a lot because its pretty light and goes with everything so its great for Fall when its cold but not freezing.

I alsoooo got these boots last season and couldn’t be more in love. I wish I could wear them everyday haha. What I love about Stuart Weitzman is not only the quality of their boots, but also the fact that they are suuuuper comfortable. I can wear these boots all day long and it won’t be a problem. And I run around the city a lottt haha so they definitely get put to work! I linked a pair that look super similar to these too but are a lot cheaper so check those out!!

Follow along my crazy weekend on Instastories!!

See you Monday!

Photography: Bri Elledge

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Happy Wednesday Trendsday!!

Today is all about the Drybar. Last week I went in to get a blowout and attend Alli Webb‘s signing for her new book Good Hair For All. I’ve been a huge fan of the Drybar for a while now. When I lived in LA I used to go in at least a couple times a week!!

My hair is so thick and frizzy that sometimes I just want someone else to do it so I don’t have to worry about it haha. That’s exactly what the Drybar is there to do. If you just don’t feel like doing your hair, if you have an important interview or a big event, or feel like treating yourself, you definitely need to visit the Drybar.

But the thing that reeeeally hooked me at the Drybar is the smell!! Oh my gosh it smells amazing in there and so do all of their products. I loved the smell so much that I had to get a few different products just so I could take the smell home with me haha.

The whole salon is themed like a bar with cute drink-themed names for everything. It’s adorable and so welcoming when you walk in and everyone is of course super nice!!

The last thing that I really loved about the Drybar was the fact that it was founded and run by an amazing entrepreneur. I am a life long supporter of women who are incredible business people while at the same time raising beautiful kids and maintaining a family. That is a task that few can conquer and I truly admire Alli for doing just that.

She was so so sweet and kind when we met and I was so grateful to chat with her for a few minutes! And I love love her book; it is just as cute and friendly and nice as a visit to the Drybar! It offers so many great tips and tricks for the perfect blowout at home along with some super cute stories about Alli and how she found the Drybar.

Seriously treat yourself to a visit at the Drybar. They have tons of locations all throughout the country so I’m sure there is one near you!! I already can’t wait for my next visit.

See you Friday!!

Photography: Bri Elledge

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Top: Forever 21 / Denim: GRLFND / Booties: Alexander Wang / Sunglasses: Le Specs / Bag: Saint Laurent

Happy Monday!

So I felt that the last post I did with these jeans didn’t really do them justice. I loved the look, but these jeans are definitely statement jeans and so I wanted to do a look centered around them. And also I have been living in them since I got them!

I love a basic outfit. Simplicity is always key, especially when it’s so easy to overdo a look with too many pieces. It’s nice to have a jeans and a tee moment, where you don’t have to think about anything. You can just throw these pieces on and know that it’ll be cute.

I love love this brand too. The denim is so structured and really gives you a shape. I like all my stretchy jeans too but these are just as comfortable! Definitely worth the investment.

See you Wednesday Trendsday!

PS: This Wednesday I’m sharing all the pics from my amazing blowout and the event at the Drybar I went to last week!! Stay tuned!

Photography: Bri Elledge

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Turtleneck: Banana Republic / Pants: Club Monaco / Booties: Stuart Weitzman / Sunglasses: Rayban / Bag: Saint Laurent

Happy Fridayyyyy!!!

So happy the weekend is fiiiinally here. I cannot wait to sleep in all day!! Haha it was such a hectic week!

I am obsessed with pants; the floral pattern is super cute, they’re really well made, plus they’re super slimming! I also love florals in the Fall so I’ve attached some more cute pants below like these ones!

Hope you have a super fun weekend!!

See you Monday :)

Photography: Bri Elledge

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1. Bobbi Brown Bronzer / 2. Sonia Kashuk Brush Set / 3. Maybelline Concealer / 4. Laura Mercier Highlighter / 5. Beauty Blender / 6. Dior Contour Stick / 7. Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer / 8. NARS Foundation / 9. L’Oreal Mascara / 10. Revlon Eyeliner / 11. Too Faced Eye Shadow / 12. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder / 13. Smashbox Dark Spot Corrector / 14. Urban Decay Eye Shadow

Happy Wednesday Trendsday!

Today I’m sharing all my current beauty faves. I definitely change up my beauty routine every few months, however when I do find something that I like I stick with it for a while.

I use most of these products on a daily basis, which may seem like a lot haha, but I use a super small amount of each of them. Especially the NARS foundation – it offers a lot of coverage which may seem cake-y or streaky at times, so I use my Beauty Blender to put it all over my face and then cover it with some setting powder to give it more of a natural look.

I really like all the brushes in the Sonia Kashuk Brush Set – I use them for eye shadow, bronzer powder, and brow powder. The Dior Contour Stick is the only thing I don’t own, but I am dyingggg to try it out! It looks amazing and is definitely worth the investment.

It’s also important to keep a good mix of drugstore products and high end products. Some things you just really don’t need to spend a million dollars on, like this Revlon eyeliner, I have been using for yeeeears and it’s great and I’ve never thought to look for a replacement.

See you Friday!!

PS: I have a suuuuper fun event going on later today so be sure to follow along on insta stories!!

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Crop Sweater: Club Monaco (similar here & here) / Button Down: Anthropologie / Coat: Banana Republic / Denim: Rag & Bone / Boots: Stuart Weitzman / Sunglasses: Rayban / Bag: Stella McCartney

Happy Monday!!

Such a Fall outfit haha. I got this coat from Banana Republic a few weekends ago and I super love it. It’s kiiiind of like a statement coat but toned down. Like a safe statement coat haha. Its actually pretty easy to wear as I’ve thrown it on over a few different outfits now! And it’s really great for when its chilly but not full fledged cold yet.

So in the Fall and Winter I love to layer my crop tops. Obviously some days its way too cold to just throw on some high waisted jeans and a crop sweater cause there will definitely still be some midriff haha. A plain button down or a silk cami are perfect for layering your crop tops and crop sweaters.

What should I do for Wednesday Trendsday?!

See you then!!

Photography: Bri Elledge

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Top: Zara (similar here & here) / Denim: GRLFND / Shoes: Stuart Weitzman / Bag: Celine (similar here & here) / Sunglasses: Rayban

Happy Fridayyyyyy!

Ahh so happy to get through another week!! And Fall is in full swing – definitely going to be a good day. I got these jeans recently because I had a gift card and thought I would splurge and honestly it was such a good decision.

I have always said that its not necessary to spend a ton of money on denim, however these jeans just might have changed my mind. They are to dieeee for. They super nice, really flattering, and soooo cute haha. Since getting these I’ve invested in a few other pairs of more expensive denim. I may be switching sides you guys.

The more expensive denim just fits and looks better, it doesn’t stretch or fade, and it lasts longer. If you’re going to spend a bit of money on a piece definitely try at least one pair and see if it will convert you to a denim investor.

See you Mondaaayyy!!

PS: my boyfriend and I are going apple picking tomorrow in upstate NY so be sure to follow along on instastories!! :)

Photography: Bri Elledge

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Happy Wednesday Trendsday!

Coming back from our trip it has been super hectic getting back into the swing of things! I miss relaxing in the comfy hotel bed haha. I’m super excited to share some snaps I’ve caught over the last week including some photos from our Chicago trip!

We went to some pretty great restaurants including 3 Arts Cafe at Restoration Hardware and the restaurant at Ralph Lauren. We did tons of sight seeing and really enjoyed the city. I also threw in a little throwback of us from a wedding we went to in Mexico back in June because I just discovered the photo this week and I love it! Definitely frame material haha.

Below are some of my favorites, things I am eyeing to invest in and things I already own. All the denim I love.

Hope you have a great humpdayyyy!

See you Friday!

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Top: H&M (similar here) / Denim: Topshop / Jacket: UNIF (similar here & here) / Scarf: Zara (similar here & here) / Booties: Alexander Wang / Sunglasses: Rayban / Bag: Saint Laurent

Happy Mondaaaaaay!
Today my boyfriend and I are heading back to NYC for another week of craziness! We had such a great time in Chicago and we can’t wait to go back!
It’s safe to say I am super excited for Fall fashion (I’ve said it a few times before haha!) so I was ready to break out this plaid scarf. All of these pieces I’ve had for a while so I was excited to put them together for the new season. I will definitelyyyy be taking advantage of plaid in the coming months! It’s one of my favorites :)
See you Wednesday!

Photography: Bri Elledge

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Top: Club Monaco / Skirt: (similar here & here) / Booties: Stuart Weitzman / Bag: ChloƩ / Sunglasses: Rayban

Happy Fridayyyy!!!!!

Yayyyy the long weekend is finally here!!! My boyfriend and I are off on a weekend trip! I’m sure you’ll know all about it from insta!! Haha this week was tough so I am so glad to embark on a mini vacation.

Each year I grow more in love with turtlenecks and I feel that this is my peak year of obsession haha. I bought this last year on sale at Club Monaco and I love it. I’ll definitely be investing in more turtlenecks this season (come to think of it I already did a few days ago haha!!).

I’m always all about those color combos and this one is definitely one of my favorite. All my favorite tones: army green, blush pink, gray, navy, and white. Can’t waitttt to wear these colors all fall.

Enjoy your long weekend see you Monday!! :)

Photography: Bri Elledge

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