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Top: Style Mafia / Denim: American Eagle / Espadrilles: Soludos / Sugnlasses: J. Crew / Bag: Cult Gaia

Happy Friday!

This was the most magical place. There was a huuuuge banyan tree which was just breathtaking and once you made it through the jungle it opened up to an amazing beach. We also happened upon this cute little makeshift shack which we got to play around in :)

Even though I got a ton of mosquito bites from this place haha I would go back one hundred percent!

Also love love this top. Anything with structure and a statement sleeve we all know I’m into. Plus it’s super affordable! The only downside is that it came super wrinkly and it was sooo hard to iron! But Style Mafia is such a good brand for affordable statements, I’m going to link a few more cute things I love from them below :)

My boyfriend and I are on a trip out east this weekend to a place in Long Island called Shelter Island! Just north of the Hamptons, we came here last year for our anniversary and stayed at the cuuuutest b&b called The Chequit. Keep up on Insta stories to see just how cute it is!

See you Monday :)

Photography: Sunny Golden

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1. Vix / 2. Sea / 3. J. Crew / 4. H&M / 5. J. Crew / 6. Self Portrait / 7. Marysia / 8. Dodo Bar Or

Happy Wednesday Trendsday!

I threw on the cutest one shoulder ruffle top today and realized that I am super into ruffles this season. When the word ‘ruffle’ comes up some women may be horrified haha but ruffles can actually come in unique and subtle details that are total game changers. I also really love anything with a great structure or shape and those details usually come in the form of ruffles!

Above are some of my faves that I’ve found so far with ruffles but I know its a trend that I’ll keep exploring through spring & summer! One form of ruffles that I love (which I already mentioned) is one shoulder. I feel like there are so many super cute tops and dresses that are one shoulder ruffles available right now, which I’ve linked below. What’s also great is these pieces are pretty affordable! Be sure to check them out :)

See you on Friday with some more Hawaii!!

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Top: MISA Los Angeles / Shorts: Free People / Sandals: Isapera (similar here & here) / Bag: Chloé / Sunglasses: Rayban

Happy Monday!!

OMG!! I’ve been so excited to share these photos from Hawaii with you guys!! The scenery and locations are just so beautiful and unique, I’m in love. I know everyone says this but I seriously want to move haha. Just for like six months though – I feel like it would be good for my soul haha.

So we went to this cute little lemonade shop in the town of Haleiwa in the North Shore called Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade. If you’re headed to the North Shore definitely check out Haleiwa, its full of shops and food stops you won’t find anywhere else! Plus it feels authentically Hawaiian. The lemonade at Wow Wow was suuuuper delish too – definitely worth the stop! But you can also find shaved ice, all kinds of sea food, beach gear rental, coffee, and boutiques all in Haleiwa!

Any time I’m dressing for warm weather the color combo I choose to go for is almost 90% of the time blue & white. I’ve always been obsessed with this combo especially if it’s in the form of stripes! Haha, but this top is actually a dress! I wore the dress out a couple times while in Hawaii but I loved it even more as a top tucked into my fave pair of white high waisted denim. It gave the dress more of a casual look – perfect for Haleiwa.

I can’t wait to share more of my Hawaiian looks as we explored different locations all around the North Shore. Stay tuned!!

See you Wednesday :)

Photography: Sunny Golden

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Top: Anthropologie / Denim: Mother / Jacket: Forever 21 (similar here & here) / Booties: Gucci / Bag: Chloé / Sunglasses: Le Specs

Happy Friday!

I’m on a plane right now heading to Orange County for my mom’s birthday! She loves this resort called Laguna Cliffs so we are all headed there for the weekend :) even though its a much longer journey for me! haha

So I thought I’d throw together a basic look with a coupe of my favorite staples from my closet. I think every woman should own a great quality and nice fitting white button down. You can dress up or dress down this piece for any occasion and always looks classic and stylish. I love looove this one I got from Anthropologie last year mostly because of the fabric. It’s so soft and comfy and falls really nicely.

As we all know I am obsessed with camel coats and Forever 21 actually has some super cute ones that are obvs super cheap! I linked a couple super cute ones here :)

Follow along with my weekend getaway on Insta!

See you Monday :)

Photography: Bri Elledge

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What I packed for hawaii.1

1. Floral Pants

Floral pants

So you’ve definitely seen these pants on me before! I love how flattering and flowy they are. It’s funny I don’t really wear patterns a whole lot but I love floral pants haha. Check out some other cute ones below :)

2. The Cutest Bikini Tops


Love looooove this bikini top! It’s from J. Crew and even cuter on! I always go for the tops of bikinis because I just like to pair them with a few bikini bottoms I keep in rotation that are basic and I know I’m comfortable in! I also love this Boys + Arrows top and am obsesseddddd with anything Marysia. They’re definitely an expensive brand but so so cute. Worth the investment.

3. High Waisted Denim Shorts (obviously)


Okay so while shopping for denim shorts I discovered that American Eagle has suuuuuper cute and affordable denim shorts. I wore these all the time while in Hawaii, they’re such a staple. I did go up like two sizes though cause I wanted kind of an oversized look plus they ran pretty small! But seriously check them out at American Eagle. So cute.

4. One Shoulder Dress


I literally didn’t want to take this dress off and can’t wait for it to be warm enough in NY to wear it out! So so comfy and cute. I linked it here with a bunch of other cute one shoulder dresses :)

5. Espadrilles


Guys these espadrilles are not only super cute but they are soooo comfy! I was really surprised haha but I couldn’t take them off they were that comfy and I am definitely buying this same style in different colors. Andddd they are pretty affordable! Can’t wait to buy another pair.

6. Chambray


It’s no secret that I am a fan of chambray in every season! It’s so flattering and goes with every complexion. Also I just think that a good chambray piece plus some white denim is to die. Some suuuuper cute pieces are linked below :)

7. Bell Sleeves (always)


It’s alsooooo no secret that I am a huge fan of bell sleeves! I’ve just fallen in love with them recently; I think it adds the perfect detail to elevate any outfit.

8. Beach Bag


So I wore this bag with almost every look while in Hawaii (if you couldn’t tell haha). It’s a super fashion forward bag but also pretty affordable! And I can’t tell you how any compliments I got on it. I suuuuper recommend this bag!









Sweater: Zara (similar here & here) / Denim: Mother / Jacket: Blank NYC / Sneakers: H&M / Bag: Saint Laurent / Sunnies: Le Specs

Happy Monday!!

Omg today is deathhhh for me haha I just got off my 11 hour flight from Honolulu and have a long NYC day ahead of me, even though I did get to sneak in a quick nap when I got home! Only on my second Starbucks so far haha. I can’t telllll you how tough it was trading in beautiful and blissful Hawaii for the cold, ugly subway this morning haha but I have to remind myself that I do live in an amazing city…but I might want to trade in city life for island life, at least just for a little bit 😉 we’ll see!

While I was in Hawaii I shot with the cutest Sunny Golden so hopefully I’ll be able to share some amazing content next week! I’m so excited! Stay tuned!

Side note – you neeeeed to check out Blank NYC, the maker of this faux suede jacket. They make the best looking and cutest pieces so affordable, love them.

See you Wednesday!

Photography: Bri Elledge

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Sweater: Zara (similar here & here) / Skirt: Storets (similar here & here) / Boots: Vince Camuto / Sunglasses: J. Crew / Bag: Stella McCartney

Happy Friday yay!

Omg the weather in NYC is insane lately. Yesterday it was blissfully warm and today it was a huge blizzard. Idk whats going on but thats okay because I leave for Hawaii on Sunday!! Literally counting the seconds.

Speaking of weather, this shoot was probably the coldest one I have ever done. Honestly its a miracle the photos came out okay because I was so nervous I would just look super uncomfortable and like I was dying (cause I was) haha. People were looking at me crazy on the subway for wearing a mini skirt haha. Anywayyyy I love love this look. Its always tricky wearing a skirt with boots cause you have to balance on the fine line of looking slutty. I think the trick is to wear something modest on top so you can balance the look. I also love that these boots are slouchy so that helped with the overall vibe of the look.

I love when you randomly buy a piece for cheap and you end up loving it and wearing it all the time. That was this sweater for me. I got it from Zara for like 20 or 25 dollars and it is so cozy and we all know how I love my bell sleeves so it was a win win for me haha.

Keep up with me on insta-stories as I snap my way through Hawaii!!

See you on Monday :)

Photography: Bri Elledge

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Skincare Cover.1

1. Clearogen

I was introduced to Clearogen by one of my friends and I super love it. They have a 3-step step system for acne-prone skin: a cleanser, a toner, and this acne lotion. Since my skin is not the most acne-prone I use the Acne Lotion once a day after washing my face and before moisturizing; sometimes twice a day when my skin is not the best haha. If you have acne-prone skin or even just occasional acne I definitely recommend!

2. Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover


Ever since I started getting monthly facials at Heyday in NYC I have completely overhauled my skincare routine. I discovered that my skin reacts soooo much better to products that are all natural. I’m super sensitive to everything so I don’t know why I didn’t realize this before! This cleansing oil is so nice you rub it on your face dry so it takes off your makeup (even though I do use a makeup remover wipe for my eyes). Then you wet your fingers with warm water and rub the oil into your skin and it becomes kind of milky and after that you rinse! It also smells sooo good. Love this cleanser.

3. Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturizer


So when I do need a little help from chemicals and other non-natural formulas its in the form of sunscreen (and acne lotion haha). I love that this moisturizer doubles as an intense sunscreen. We all know that the sun is the number one cause of almost everything that happens to your face as you get older haha and I’m at even more of a risk since I am so fair! I put this moisturizer on as my last step of my skincare routine. It’s not super oily and it smells sooo good too. Whether you have a dark complexion or super fair like me, you definitely need sunscreen!

4. Anti-wrinkle Emulsion


Even though I am still young it’s never too early to start preparing your skin for wrinkles! And I get so many gray hairs already I’m sure my wrinkles will come early too (thanks mom haha). First of all I loooove this brand. I was first introduced to it when I still lived in LA a few years ago by my dermatologist there! Its a French brand so it’s kind of hard to come across – I ordered this off Amazon. Any of their products are great but I use this one on my forehead and around my eyes after the acne lotion and before moisturizing :)

5. Regenerating Night Cream

night cream

This night is probably the most expensive skincare product I own but it’s also one of my favorites. I also discovered this brand Grown Alchemist through Heyday and again, their products are all natural which I love. This cream is so thick and nice I look forward to putting it on every night. Its has tons of active peptides and antioxidants that will be great for your skin’s texture as it regenerates while you sleep. Although it’s a bit on the pricey side it’s probably the best night cream I’ve come across in a while. Loooove.

6. Microderma Scrub + Masque


Okay guys best for last. I am obsesseddddd with this scrub. What it is, is a bottle of powder and there’s a ton of things you can do with the powder to exfoliate. You can mix it in with your regular moisturizer and exfoliate that way or you can create a mask which is what I do. Usually I’ll mix the powder with a bit of water to create a paste and I use that paste as a mask. I’ll leave it on for about 15 minutes, and after my skin feels sooooo smooth and rejuvenated. I try and do this mask 3-4 times a week. There’s other suggestions for different types of masks too like you can mix the powder with honey or greek yogurt depending on what your skin needs. I love how you can incorporate this scrub into anything and make it into different products. Definitely definitely a must.










Top: J. Crew (similar here & here) / Denim: Mother / Sneakers: H&M / Bag: Saint Laurent / Sunglasses: J. Crew

Happy Monday!!

Okay in some of these pics this top is the same color as my skin hahah but I don’t care because I love it! This was definitely an impulse-buy and a pretty expensive one at that! I couldn’t help myself though because its everything I love: blush pink, amazing structure, great quality. I will definitely be wearing this for months to come.

I am soooo annoyed though because the weather in NYC has been absolutely horrible lately! When we shot this a few weeks ago it was beautiful out and so warm, it definitely felt like the beginning of Spring. Now it is literally below 30 out everyday! I cannot wait for Spring to staaaay in NYC.

But I won’t have to wait very long because on Sunday we are heading to Hawaii!! I actualllyyyy cannot wait for this trip haha. My boyfriend and I are flying a long 11 hours to Honolulu to meet my mom, step dad, and older sister. I am so ready for a week on the beach! And I have been stocking up on an amazing tropical wardrobe that I cannot wait to share haha. Stay tuned!!

See you Wednesday :)

Photography: Bri Elledge

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