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Tiny Sunnies1

Tiny sunnies are the worst. I think they are super tacky and just remind me of The Matrix hahah. They’re not flattering at all – buuuut what is super flattering and what you should be wearing instead are some classic black cat eye sunglasses. These look so good on everyone and go with every outfit. Check out some of my faves below!


What is the point of fanny packs. Honestly it must feel like you are wearing a utility belt hahah. There can’t be a lot you can put in them cause if it gets too heavy it would fall! What I am loving instead is wallet on a chain bags. They are tiny and cute and perfect for a night out. Whats also great about these bags is that they are pretty affordable! I just got one for Christmas and I’ve been obsessed with it. I love these ones below.


What the heckkkkk is going on with these ugly ass sneakers hahah. I’m all for sneakers I love them but designers are trying to bring back this sneaker style that reminds me of something a third grade boy would wear. Pls steer clear – I hope this trend doesn’t last long lol. What I’m into instead is some old school Vans. I’m loving this style lately – its cute but still a bit edgy.










Dress: C/MEO (similar here & here) / Denim: Levi’s / Pumps: Aquazurra / Bag: Saint Laurent / Sunglasses: Dior

Happy Monday!

I can’t believe I’ve taken this much time off blogging. There’s nothing I love more than putting together looks, blogging, and shooting but the past couple months have been a difficult time for me. I felt like I couldn’t really pretend to be happy on the internet if I didn’t truly feel happy in real life. Buuuut I’m getting through things and even though its corny, telling myself to -just keep swimming-

I was so happy to get back into shooting and this time around I’m trying to get more creative with my looks. I used to be soooo crazy and daring when putting outfits together and I feel like I’ve been so boring lately! I got this dress off Amazon! How random but sometimes I’ll search brands I like on Amazon and they have some cute styles that aren’t available anywhere else.

I do have some exciting events coming up like this weekend my friends from high school and I are all going to Las Vegas. I’ve never done Vegas like just with friends its always been with family so this time will be super fun! And I’ve been putting together some fun looks for the weekend. Can’t wait to share!

See you Wednesday :)

Photography: Tyler Chase Photography

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