Everyday Makeup 1

1. L’Oreal Pro-Glow Foundation / 2. Kat Von D Concealer / 3. Laura Mercier Setting Powder / 4. Bare Minerals Eye Liner / 5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pencil / 6. Too Faced Mascara

Hello one & all and happy Wednesday!

Not everyday is a full face makeup day for me so I thought I’d share my basic makeup routine. It seriously takes me five minutes to get my face together with these products. My roommate Dani recently introduced me to this amazing L’Oreal foundation. I swear its one of the best foundations I’ve ever used – honestly may go as far as saying that its better than my Chanel foundation. I also love this concealer. I went through a phase of trying a bunch of different concealers and I really love this one. It has amazing coverage.

I love using all these products daily and they make me feel put together in just a few mins :)

See you Monday!


Happy Sunday!

Or should I say happy New Year! I’m a bit late in writing this post because I’ve been doing some traveling (surprise, surprise) but today I’m back in London on my own. I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while. I’m a very open and honest person and love sharing my life so I hope that I can impart any lessons I’ve learned or wisdom I’ve gained with anyone who wants to listen.

For the last couple of years my blog has been at the forefront of everything I do – I absolutely love sharing and talking about fashion and truly believe in its power to strengthen and empower women on a daily basis. Anyone who knows me knows that this has been a passion of mine since I was little. However, this year my blog had to take a back seat.

Going into 2018 I was filled with hopes and dreams of how the year would pan out – I moved to a new city, made all new friends, and started a new job. Even still, 2018 turned out to be one of the hardest years of my life. I went through some very difficult days and encountered issues I hope to never have to deal with again in my life.

You may have noticed I was absent on Instagram and my blog for a large part of last year and this is why. I couldn’t pretend to be happy on the internet when I wasn’t happy in real life. I took a lot of time to reflect within myself and find lessons in every difficulty. I have a renewed, although hesitant I’ll admit, hope for 2019. I”m going into this year a completely different person than I have ever been before and I’d love to share the lessons I’ve learned with you.




Up until last year I didn’t really think about how I was growing as a person – emotionally, mentally, spiritually. I didn’t take time to reflect on the person I was becoming. I was always happy so I figured I was doing okay.

This year showed me the importance of self reflection and growth. You do not grow or learn or change until you’ve gone through something difficult or confusing. And you must go through these things in order to further understand humanity, gain a wider perspective, and attain closer and better relationships in the future. You do not know it all – and this was a tough lesson for me. And you will never know it all. You will be growing and learning your entire life.

There is a quote from one of my favorite movies Eat Pray Love (basic, I know) that really resonated with me in learning this lesson: “Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.”




As a huge Ariana Grande fan I was v excited to see her win Billboard’s Woman of the Year. In her acceptance speech she said something that really touched me: “It’s been a very conflicting [year], and I just want to say if you’re someone out there who has no idea what this next chapter is going to bring, you’re not alone in that.”

In true Virgo form I like to have everything planned out and organized. I like to know what is going to happen and how. This time last year I thought I knew exactly how the next five years were going to pan out – I had it all planned. What I failed to plan was learning that no matter how much you prepare and plan, nothing ever turns out the way you expect.

Learning to not be afraid of the unknown is something I struggle to accept every day. To let go and allow everything to be put into the hands of the universe is both unnerving and freeing. I must remind myself to trust that the universe has my best interest in mind and that even if something does not turn out the way I planned, I will still be my happiest in the end. I’ll leave you with another favorite quote: “Make plans and God laughs.”




So many quotes popped into my mind when thinking about this one. I never realized I was such a fan of quotes until writing this post lol. But its true – life goes on. No matter what you’re going through it is so important to get up everyday and keep going. On top of this, you must keep maintaining faith in yourself and faith in life.

I felt myself dangerously tipping over the line of giving up. Doing life but with no hopes & dreams – just going through the motions. This is not what life is about. Having hopes and dreams is what makes life worth living and although I’ll admit I’m scared of having hopes for this next year, I’m going to do it anyway. I hope I find peace and healing in this next year, I hope I maintain and create wonderful relationships this year, I hope this year brings magic.



Jacket: Nordstrom / Pants: Nordstrom / Tee: Free People / Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Photography: Jen Lints Photography


Happy Wednesday Trendsday!

Since Christmas I was gifted a lot of amazing products that I have been loving ever since so I had to share! Seriously I have been using these thing daily they’re too good.

Yesterday I got the keys to our new apartment! Yay!! It’s so perfect I’m so glad we found it after looking at literally like 9 different apartment buildings lol. Its making me so excited to decorate and get a bunch of new furniture. All of our stuff from our New York apartment won’t be delivered until next week though which sucks but it does give me time to plan everything and get all the little details set up! Can’t wait to finally move in!

wallet on a chain1

My dad surprised me with the cutest Gucci wallet on a chain for Christmas and I have been obsessed! He picked it out all by himself and I was seriously impressed haha. It only fits your phone and maybe some lip gloss but it has slots for your cards and license and everything. It’s perfect for going out or if you just want to wear a light cute bag. Its also perfect if you want to invest in a designer bag but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars. These bags are semi affordable and still so so cute!


So I had seen this curling iron on Instagram before and the wand I had been using for literally years was so broken down and bad that I decided to get this one! It is definitely expensive for a curling iron buuuut when I used it it seriously curled my hair so quick! I was shocked haha I had no idea it was even possible that a curling iron could work that fast since I had been using such a crappy one for years. Plus you can change out the barrels! This will definitely cut my getting ready time so short and I can’t wait to keep using it.


I have been loving the Prada Candy fragrance and anything related to it. Its such a nice, sweet scent. The other scent I am obsessed with is the KKW Crystal Gardenia fragrance. Its fresh and musky smelling and I really love it. I always get a ton of complements on it when I am wearing it and it lasts so long! Worth trying for sure.







Happy Wednesday Trendsday!

With a bunch of holiday parties and get togethers lately I’ve been Pinterest-ing a ton of holiday makeup looks. I’ve been loving all the shimmery and dewy makeup looks that use highlighters and minimal eyeliner. The rosy colored eye shadows are also my favorite.

The classic red lip and liquid liner look is also a favorite that I will definitely be wearing during the season. I really love this red Nars Lip Pigment.

Can’t wait to try all of these :)

See you Friday!

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For you roomates.1

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Happy Friday!

I finally decided to do a gift guide! I know there are so many out there but I saw some of my friends searching for gifts for some people that are kind of hard to buy for! What I love is all of these gifts are affordable, appropriate and cute.

I loooove the merlot infused coffee I so want to try it haha and the silk pillow case looks so cool. All the benefits look amazing plus I bet its so nice to sleep on.

I would stick to something like an accessory or piece of clothing for your roommate. Definitely you can get her some things for the home but maybe stick to something specifically for her room – you don’t want to get her something that seems like you actually wanted it! Haha I also really love the personalized mugs. They’re supposed to be for families but I think it would be so cute to do it for you and your roommates.

for your coworker1

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For coworkers I think you should stick to things for the home and small accessories like earbuds or candles. I also really like the idea of the iPhone dock and the bowls! So cute.

You can also combine some of the smaller items to make a little personalized gift basket or if you want to get something for everyone in the office the little champagne bears are perf!

for the guy1

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We’ve all been there when you’re kind of dating a guy and you want to get him a gift but you guys aren’t official yet so you don’t want to get him anything too big. If he loves whiskey these whiskey stones would be perfect. Or if he has a sweet tooth the waffle shots are adorable plus a fun activity to do together. The card holder or an inexpensive watch are also perfect if you’re unsure!

Happy #WednesdayTrendsday!

Since I have been in Colorado my entire body is dry haha – my hair, skin, lips – all I’ve been doing is hydrating! So I thought I’d share some of my fave hydrating products.

The first is Gisou hair oil which is not only suuuuper hydrating for your hair but it also makes your hair super silky and shiny looking. I usually will massage in a small dollop every other day into the ends and up. Its important to remember not to put the oil on your scalp or at your roots because it will make your hair look greasy! You can also use this as a mask at night or on damp hair.

I also have been addicted to my coconut oil serum for my face. I’ve been told a ton of times that face oils are amazing and I bought one recently but haven’t been super good about applying it. However, since I got to Colorado it has been essential! I apply a thick layer every night before bed and it has even helped clear up my skin a lot. Face oils are definitely worth checking out.

Lastly I randomly decided to buy this Kopari lip balm when I was at Anthropologie the other day and I am obsesseddddd its so thick and smells amazing. I seriously apply it like 5 times a day haha. I also feel like its hard to find a good lip balm that doesn’t rub off within a few minutes and this one definitely doesn’t!

I’ve linked below a few variations of my essential hydrating products :)

See you Friday!

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Happy Wednesday Trendsday!

I thought I’d throw together some faves I’ve been eyeing under $25! I especially love the polka dot dress which would be sooo cute with a bandeau or denim jacket, and the pointed toe booties. I also added a few classics that I’ve loved forever like the Sugar lip balm and the Anastasia Brow Wiz.

Today is my last day at home in Colorado and I am so sad! But there are more exciting things in the works for the future :) Follow along!

See you Friday!

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Skincare Cover.1

1. Clearogen

I was introduced to Clearogen by one of my friends and I super love it. They have a 3-step step system for acne-prone skin: a cleanser, a toner, and this acne lotion. Since my skin is not the most acne-prone I use the Acne Lotion once a day after washing my face and before moisturizing; sometimes twice a day when my skin is not the best haha. If you have acne-prone skin or even just occasional acne I definitely recommend!

2. Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover


Ever since I started getting monthly facials at Heyday in NYC I have completely overhauled my skincare routine. I discovered that my skin reacts soooo much better to products that are all natural. I’m super sensitive to everything so I don’t know why I didn’t realize this before! This cleansing oil is so nice you rub it on your face dry so it takes off your makeup (even though I do use a makeup remover wipe for my eyes). Then you wet your fingers with warm water and rub the oil into your skin and it becomes kind of milky and after that you rinse! It also smells sooo good. Love this cleanser.

3. Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturizer


So when I do need a little help from chemicals and other non-natural formulas its in the form of sunscreen (and acne lotion haha). I love that this moisturizer doubles as an intense sunscreen. We all know that the sun is the number one cause of almost everything that happens to your face as you get older haha and I’m at even more of a risk since I am so fair! I put this moisturizer on as my last step of my skincare routine. It’s not super oily and it smells sooo good too. Whether you have a dark complexion or super fair like me, you definitely need sunscreen!

4. Anti-wrinkle Emulsion


Even though I am still young it’s never too early to start preparing your skin for wrinkles! And I get so many gray hairs already I’m sure my wrinkles will come early too (thanks mom haha). First of all I loooove this brand. I was first introduced to it when I still lived in LA a few years ago by my dermatologist there! Its a French brand so it’s kind of hard to come across – I ordered this off Amazon. Any of their products are great but I use this one on my forehead and around my eyes after the acne lotion and before moisturizing :)

5. Regenerating Night Cream

night cream

This night is probably the most expensive skincare product I own but it’s also one of my favorites. I also discovered this brand Grown Alchemist through Heyday and again, their products are all natural which I love. This cream is so thick and nice I look forward to putting it on every night. Its has tons of active peptides and antioxidants that will be great for your skin’s texture as it regenerates while you sleep. Although it’s a bit on the pricey side it’s probably the best night cream I’ve come across in a while. Loooove.

6. Microderma Scrub + Masque


Okay guys best for last. I am obsesseddddd with this scrub. What it is, is a bottle of powder and there’s a ton of things you can do with the powder to exfoliate. You can mix it in with your regular moisturizer and exfoliate that way or you can create a mask which is what I do. Usually I’ll mix the powder with a bit of water to create a paste and I use that paste as a mask. I’ll leave it on for about 15 minutes, and after my skin feels sooooo smooth and rejuvenated. I try and do this mask 3-4 times a week. There’s other suggestions for different types of masks too like you can mix the powder with honey or greek yogurt depending on what your skin needs. I love how you can incorporate this scrub into anything and make it into different products. Definitely definitely a must.























Happy Wednesday Trendsday!!

Today is all about the Drybar. Last week I went in to get a blowout and attend Alli Webb‘s signing for her new book Good Hair For All. I’ve been a huge fan of the Drybar for a while now. When I lived in LA I used to go in at least a couple times a week!!

My hair is so thick and frizzy that sometimes I just want someone else to do it so I don’t have to worry about it haha. That’s exactly what the Drybar is there to do. If you just don’t feel like doing your hair, if you have an important interview or a big event, or feel like treating yourself, you definitely need to visit the Drybar.

But the thing that reeeeally hooked me at the Drybar is the smell!! Oh my gosh it smells amazing in there and so do all of their products. I loved the smell so much that I had to get a few different products just so I could take the smell home with me haha.

The whole salon is themed like a bar with cute drink-themed names for everything. It’s adorable and so welcoming when you walk in and everyone is of course super nice!!

The last thing that I really loved about the Drybar was the fact that it was founded and run by an amazing entrepreneur. I am a life long supporter of women who are incredible business people while at the same time raising beautiful kids and maintaining a family. That is a task that few can conquer and I truly admire Alli for doing just that.

She was so so sweet and kind when we met and I was so grateful to chat with her for a few minutes! And I love love her book; it is just as cute and friendly and nice as a visit to the Drybar! It offers so many great tips and tricks for the perfect blowout at home along with some super cute stories about Alli and how she found the Drybar.

Seriously treat yourself to a visit at the Drybar. They have tons of locations all throughout the country so I’m sure there is one near you!! I already can’t wait for my next visit.

See you Friday!!

Photography: Bri Elledge

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1. Bobbi Brown Bronzer / 2. Sonia Kashuk Brush Set / 3. Maybelline Concealer / 4. Laura Mercier Highlighter / 5. Beauty Blender / 6. Dior Contour Stick / 7. Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer / 8. NARS Foundation / 9. L’Oreal Mascara / 10. Revlon Eyeliner / 11. Too Faced Eye Shadow / 12. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder / 13. Smashbox Dark Spot Corrector / 14. Urban Decay Eye Shadow

Happy Wednesday Trendsday!

Today I’m sharing all my current beauty faves. I definitely change up my beauty routine every few months, however when I do find something that I like I stick with it for a while.

I use most of these products on a daily basis, which may seem like a lot haha, but I use a super small amount of each of them. Especially the NARS foundation – it offers a lot of coverage which may seem cake-y or streaky at times, so I use my Beauty Blender to put it all over my face and then cover it with some setting powder to give it more of a natural look.

I really like all the brushes in the Sonia Kashuk Brush Set – I use them for eye shadow, bronzer powder, and brow powder. The Dior Contour Stick is the only thing I don’t own, but I am dyingggg to try it out! It looks amazing and is definitely worth the investment.

It’s also important to keep a good mix of drugstore products and high end products. Some things you just really don’t need to spend a million dollars on, like this Revlon eyeliner, I have been using for yeeeears and it’s great and I’ve never thought to look for a replacement.

See you Friday!!

PS: I have a suuuuper fun event going on later today so be sure to follow along on insta stories!!

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