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Top: By The Way / Denim: Levi’s / Bralette: Similar here & here / Heels: Manolo Blahnik / Bag: Chanel

Hello hello happy Wednesday!

This top is super cute and affordable. I love it styled down with some denim like here but I’ve also styled it with dress pants or a skirt. I also love the open back but I hate not wearing a bra – ya girl needs some support. So anytime I have an open back top or any top that is a unique cut I always wear a cute bralette with it. I got this one at a random store in Studio City but I’ve linked a couple cute ones above. A pretty bralette always elevates any look.

Also how cute is this coffee shop!? Its at the new Palisades Village shopping center in LA and its called Sweet Laurel. Def check it out if you’re in LA. They have amazing coffee and pastries that are extremely LA – like a collagen latte and keto brownies.

See you Friday!

Photography by Taylor Krause


Happy Sunday!

Or should I say happy New Year! I’m a bit late in writing this post because I’ve been doing some traveling (surprise, surprise) but today I’m back in London on my own. I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while. I’m a very open and honest person and love sharing my life so I hope that I can impart any lessons I’ve learned or wisdom I’ve gained with anyone who wants to listen.

For the last couple of years my blog has been at the forefront of everything I do – I absolutely love sharing and talking about fashion and truly believe in its power to strengthen and empower women on a daily basis. Anyone who knows me knows that this has been a passion of mine since I was little. However, this year my blog had to take a back seat.

Going into 2018 I was filled with hopes and dreams of how the year would pan out – I moved to a new city, made all new friends, and started a new job. Even still, 2018 turned out to be one of the hardest years of my life. I went through some very difficult days and encountered issues I hope to never have to deal with again in my life.

You may have noticed I was absent on Instagram and my blog for a large part of last year and this is why. I couldn’t pretend to be happy on the internet when I wasn’t happy in real life. I took a lot of time to reflect within myself and find lessons in every difficulty. I have a renewed, although hesitant I’ll admit, hope for 2019. I”m going into this year a completely different person than I have ever been before and I’d love to share the lessons I’ve learned with you.




Up until last year I didn’t really think about how I was growing as a person – emotionally, mentally, spiritually. I didn’t take time to reflect on the person I was becoming. I was always happy so I figured I was doing okay.

This year showed me the importance of self reflection and growth. You do not grow or learn or change until you’ve gone through something difficult or confusing. And you must go through these things in order to further understand humanity, gain a wider perspective, and attain closer and better relationships in the future. You do not know it all – and this was a tough lesson for me. And you will never know it all. You will be growing and learning your entire life.

There is a quote from one of my favorite movies Eat Pray Love (basic, I know) that really resonated with me in learning this lesson: “Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.”




As a huge Ariana Grande fan I was v excited to see her win Billboard’s Woman of the Year. In her acceptance speech she said something that really touched me: “It’s been a very conflicting [year], and I just want to say if you’re someone out there who has no idea what this next chapter is going to bring, you’re not alone in that.”

In true Virgo form I like to have everything planned out and organized. I like to know what is going to happen and how. This time last year I thought I knew exactly how the next five years were going to pan out – I had it all planned. What I failed to plan was learning that no matter how much you prepare and plan, nothing ever turns out the way you expect.

Learning to not be afraid of the unknown is something I struggle to accept every day. To let go and allow everything to be put into the hands of the universe is both unnerving and freeing. I must remind myself to trust that the universe has my best interest in mind and that even if something does not turn out the way I planned, I will still be my happiest in the end. I’ll leave you with another favorite quote: “Make plans and God laughs.”




So many quotes popped into my mind when thinking about this one. I never realized I was such a fan of quotes until writing this post lol. But its true – life goes on. No matter what you’re going through it is so important to get up everyday and keep going. On top of this, you must keep maintaining faith in yourself and faith in life.

I felt myself dangerously tipping over the line of giving up. Doing life but with no hopes & dreams – just going through the motions. This is not what life is about. Having hopes and dreams is what makes life worth living and although I’ll admit I’m scared of having hopes for this next year, I’m going to do it anyway. I hope I find peace and healing in this next year, I hope I maintain and create wonderful relationships this year, I hope this year brings magic.



Jacket: Nordstrom / Pants: Nordstrom / Tee: Free People / Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Photography: Jen Lints Photography


Hello hello hello and welcome to my Thailand travel guide! Everything I wish we would have known, faves, regrets, and recommendations.


We stayed in Thailand for 8 days total and two different locations – both in Phuket. The first place we stayed was called The Slate. Its a small, chic resort across the street from the beach and its super close to the airport which was so nice after traveling so long!

So many activities are available through the resort and they’re so accommodating and nice. Its also pretty affordable – me and Dani got a one bedroom with our own pool. The only con about this place was that it is a lot of couples and families which was honestly fine since we were there to relax!

After spending three days at The Slate we headed to Santhiya on Koh Yao Yai island. This resort was definitely one of my top if not my favorite places we stayed during our Asia trip. It is really big (you need to take golf carts to get places) but it is so gorgeous and the views are amazing everywhere you go. The pools are also to dieeeee.

Throughout our Asia trip this room was one of the smaller ones we booked and it was still amazing and bigger than your average hotel room with a hot tub/bath on the balcony. I also went to the spa and got a massage. The spa was amazing but warning the massage was kind of intrusive hahaha not anything terrible but if you’re not comfortable being naked in front of strangers then I don’t recommend getting a massage in Thailand as I’ve heard that this is pretty average for resorts there. I am in love with this place and definitely would come back.


So many things! I love Thai food so we took a cooking class through our resort The Slate. They took us to a local market and we made a few Thai dishes at the hotel. I’m a really picky eater but they were so nice about my restrictions haha. Also the woman who taught the class was so sweet and made a whole list of things we needed to do in the city which we did the next day!

We were able to hire a driver through The Slate for the day. We gave him a list of places we wanted to go and he also was knowledgeable about the city. We started the day by walking around Old Town and doing some shopping. Then we went to Wat Chalong temple which was so gorge. After that we headed up the mountain to Big Buddha which is also an amazing lookout. From there we went to a couple beaches and more lookouts. It was definitely a long day but so worth it! You can cover the city in one day for sure. It was about $90 to hire the driver for the day which is kind of expensive but that was split between two people and I felt more comfortable hiring someone from the resort.

While staying at Santhiya we knew we wanted to tour the neighboring islands as Phi Phi Islands and James Bond Island are must dos while in Phuket. We weren’t really sure about hiring an outside company to take us on an excursion so we went through the resort which was definitely more expensive but I don’t regret it because the boat was really nice and they take you to do like a million things while out on the water like exploring caves, water villages, snorkeling, monkey sightings, and lunch! We did two days of excursions for about $120 each. They last all day like 8 hours and pick you up and drop you off at the resort. I definitely recommend doing these excursions they’re long but soooo fun and you see everything.

Almost all the resorts we stayed at offered free workout classes but the most fun was a Thai boxing class. The instructor was super intense and taught us all about the art of Thai boxing which I loved.


Almost everywhere you go in Thailand you must take your shoes off before entering. This includes temples, restaurants, spas, hotels, ect. so I would definitely recommend bringing easy slip on sandals instead of sneakers or lace up sandals.

Definitely get cash before you venture out of the airport. Almost everything is a cash payment including drivers even if you book through the hotel. I’d recommend even using cash the whole time. The only places that really accepted cards were the hotels and nice restaurants.

In terms of transportation we booked everything through our hotels. This was my biggest worry when going to Thailand because they don’t have Uber! What was life before it honestly lol. Some of our bookings included transportation to and from the airport too which was nice. For example our booking with The Slate included a return to the airport so we went back to the airport just to be picked up by the Santhiya!

Everyone in Thailand whether they work at your hotel or not is soooo incredibly nice. They will go out of their way to help you with anything you need. I definitely relied on them so much for any info or help organizing anything plus there are a ton of excursions through so many of the hotels in Thailand so I’d recommend trying those :)

See you in Bali!


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Happy Wednesday Trendsday!

Since I’ve been doing so much traveling lately I thought I’d throw together some of the things that saved me after 10 hour flights or full days of city touring.

The first I am seriouslyyyy obsessed with. I bought a tiny version they had at the counter at Ulta when I was checking out and that sales tactic really worked because I can’t get enough of this moisturizer and I bought the full sized jar lol. But it works so well because a lot of the time when I’m traveling my skin will develop a dry patch here and there so I layer this on almost like a mask and it works so well. I also use it every night all over my face.

I looove my polaroid camera and definitely recommend everyone get one! Its such a fun and easy way to commemorate your travels. I love to put all my polaroids on my refrigerator or in some cute frames – Urban Outfitters sells some really cute frames made just for polaroids.

Recently I started using lip liner. I really like this Marc Jacobs one because its super soft and rolls out instead of having to sharpen it. A little lip color makes you look a lot more put together if you just got off a very long flight haha.

I’ve definitely recommended this Nars concealer before – I use mine all the time in different areas on my face. I like to put a setting powder on top of any areas I use the conceal on.

And last is a cute passport cover because how can you travel without one.

See you Friday!

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Coat: Club Monaco (similar here) / Sweater: Club Monaco (similar here & here) / Denim: H&M / Boots: Sam Edelman / Sunglasses: ASOS / Bag: Louis Vuitton

Happy Saturday!

Some snow-spiration for you lol. I saw these boots and I had to get them – they’re super affordable, cute, and definitely comfy. They were perfect for my time in Colorado. If you live in a cold state these boots are worth the investment!

This weekend I’ll be staying home all day organizing my new apartment and online shopping for furniture haha. There is so much furniture we need to get now that our house is decent sized! Haha if you have any great, unknown furniture websites you love definitely let me know :)

See you Monday!

Photography: Jen Lints Photography

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Suit: Solid & Striped / Skirt: H&M (similar here & here) / Sandals: The Fix (similar here) / Bag: Cult Gaia / Sunglasses: ASOS

Happy Friday!!

Today is kind of our last day in Hawaii since we leave tomorrow late at night! We are planning on doing nothing at all today and just relaxing. I’m so sad to leave!! It is absolute heaven.

I love this swimwear brand Solid & Striped so I had to get this suit for our trip! This is kind of like their iconic suit and I love it! Be sure to check out the rest of their line :)

See you Monday back in NYC!

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Dress: Flynn Skye / Sandals: Positano (similar here) / Sunglasses: ASOS / Bag: Cult Gaia

Happy Tuesday! And Halloween!

I’ll be celebrating here in Hawaii dressed as Moana!! I am so excited especially because my friend and sister decided to go along with my Moana theme haha.

We arrived in Hawaii on Saturday after a long day of travel from NYC where my boyfriend and I met up with my friend Liz, my older sister, and my dad! Out of all the places I’ve traveled in the world Hawaii might be my favorite. When we were in Europe I couldn’t wait to come to Hawaii haha.

FLynn Skye is a brand I’ve had my eye on for a while. They make suuuuper cute beachy clothes and when I spotted this dress I had to get it! I’m pretty sure this dress design is a staple of the brand since it has a lot of pattern versions available. I linked it below with a few other Flynn Skye faves of mine :)

Keep following my insta story for more Hawaii love :)

See you Wednesday!

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Dress: Pepito’s Positano (similar here & here) / Sandals: La Botteguccia (similar here & here) / Bag: Saint Laurent / Sungalsses: Le Specs

Happy Friday!

This entire look is brought to you by Positano haha. Every store sells linen clothing here so I had to get something. I don’t usually go for midi dresses but I’ve been liking them more lately so I decided to go for it. And how cute are these sandals! There is this famous sandal store in Positano with a bunch of amazing sandals so my sister & I decided to go. When I told the man I wanted this pair he was like “okay but those I have to make” and he sat down and started literally making my shoes haha. It was amazing and I loooove the sandals. Such a good memory I definitely recommend visiting his store if you ever come to Positano :)

See you on Monday back in NYC!!!