Dress: Rhode Resort / Sneakers: Converse / Sunglasses: Rayban / Bag: ChloƩ

Happy Thursday!

When I saw this dress I haaaaad to get it but I waited until Shopbob was having a sale until I bought it because it is pretty expensive haha. There are a ton of different patterns and I want them all lol. A bunch of cute ones are linked below!

So I flew back to LA from Ireland yesterday – such a long flight but def worth it! Ireland was amaze I had so much fun even though it was a lot colder than I expected lol. I didn’t do a ton of touristy things in Ireland because I have been a few times before but we did end up taking a bus all the way to the other side of the island to see the Cliffs of Moher. It was a lot of sitting on a bus but when we finally got there it was soooo beautiful. Plus we got to visit a little town called Doolin right near the cliffs.

The next day I flew to Amsterdam! I stayed at the Hoxton Hotel which was to dieeee and I was in Amsterdam Thursday through Sunday. I did this trip by myself! I loved the Hoxton because it was so trendy and cute and every detail was perf – definitely recommend it. Also if you’re thinking of doing a solo trip I super recommend Amsterdam because its such an easy city to just walk around all day. I was a little worried about the language barrier but literally everyone speaks English! I took a bus to tour the Keukenhof Gardens my first day there and wandered all day. I’m def planning a trip back because my mom needs to see it lol! My last day there I planned on going to some museums but they were sold out! I did end up walking around the national museum for a little and got to see some Van Goghs which I was happy about but for the most part of the day I walked around the canals. Amsterdam has some amaaaazing shopping and I discovered so many new brands.

When I got back to Ireland me and my friend from high school Lisa went to see Harry Styles which honestly was a lot of the reason I went to Ireland lolol. We had sooo much fun it was such a good show. The rest of my time in Ireland was spent just hanging out and enjoying the city. We went to so many good restaurants and had such a good time. Can’t wait to go back!

See you Monday!