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Happy Wednesday Trendsday!

Since I’ve been doing so much traveling lately I thought I’d throw together some of the things that saved me after 10 hour flights or full days of city touring.

The first I am seriouslyyyy obsessed with. I bought a tiny version they had at the counter at Ulta when I was checking out and that sales tactic really worked because I can’t get enough of this moisturizer and I bought the full sized jar lol. But it works so well because a lot of the time when I’m traveling my skin will develop a dry patch here and there so I layer this on almost like a mask and it works so well. I also use it every night all over my face.

I looove my polaroid camera and definitely recommend everyone get one! Its such a fun and easy way to commemorate your travels. I love to put all my polaroids on my refrigerator or in some cute frames – Urban Outfitters sells some really cute frames made just for polaroids.

Recently I started using lip liner. I really like this Marc Jacobs one because its super soft and rolls out instead of having to sharpen it. A little lip color makes you look a lot more put together if you just got off a very long flight haha.

I’ve definitely recommended this Nars concealer before – I use mine all the time in different areas on my face. I like to put a setting powder on top of any areas I use the conceal on.

And last is a cute passport cover because how can you travel without one.

See you Friday!

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