Happy Wednesday Trendsday!

Since Christmas I was gifted a lot of amazing products that I have been loving ever since so I had to share! Seriously I have been using these thing daily they’re too good.

Yesterday I got the keys to our new apartment! Yay!! It’s so perfect I’m so glad we found it after looking at literally like 9 different apartment buildings lol. Its making me so excited to decorate and get a bunch of new furniture. All of our stuff from our New York apartment won’t be delivered until next week though which sucks but it does give me time to plan everything and get all the little details set up! Can’t wait to finally move in!

wallet on a chain1

My dad surprised me with the cutest Gucci wallet on a chain for Christmas and I have been obsessed! He picked it out all by himself and I was seriously impressed haha. It only fits your phone and maybe some lip gloss but it has slots for your cards and license and everything. It’s perfect for going out or if you just want to wear a light cute bag. Its also perfect if you want to invest in a designer bag but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars. These bags are semi affordable and still so so cute!


So I had seen this curling iron on Instagram before and the wand I had been using for literally years was so broken down and bad that I decided to get this one! It is definitely expensive for a curling iron buuuut when I used it it seriously curled my hair so quick! I was shocked haha I had no idea it was even possible that a curling iron could work that fast since I had been using such a crappy one for years. Plus you can change out the barrels! This will definitely cut my getting ready time so short and I can’t wait to keep using it.


I have been loving the Prada Candy fragrance and anything related to it. Its such a nice, sweet scent. The other scent I am obsessed with is the KKW Crystal Gardenia fragrance. Its fresh and musky smelling and I really love it. I always get a ton of complements on it when I am wearing it and it lasts so long! Worth trying for sure.