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Happy Wednesday Trendsday!

Since its September (my favorite month) and its a veryyyy gloomy day today in NYC (also one of my fave things) I thought I’d dedicate this #wednesdaytrendsday to one of my favorite trends for Fall, velvet! I’ve been slowly growing more obsessed with the velvet trend over the last month or so…honestly since I bought these pink velvet Aquazurra’s (number 4). Also MISA Los Angeles, a brand I have been a big fan of for a while now, released their Fall line featuring a ton of super cute velvet pieces.

Yesterday was my boyfriend’s birthday and it was sooo fun! I made him an appointment at the Blind Barber inside of Barney’s where he got a haircut and shave and facial plus whiskey! Very man-spa haha. We had dinner at this restaurant called Minetta Tavern in the West Village and it was sooo great. Such a cool vibe its really small but they play jazz and have amazing service. Definitely worth a try if you’re visiting NYC.

Anyway today we are all tired out from the festivities and have both been working all day! I always want to add more to my Insta story but the truth is I am just at home working on my computer all day everyday hahah but life will definitely get more exciting in the coming weeks as I have some fun trips in the works!

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