5 Favorite Places to Online Shop

Happy Wednesday Trendsday!
Today I’m sharing my favorite places to online shop along with some cute picks from each site :)

1. Revolve
If you’re anything like me you are obsessed with Revolve. They have a great selection of really cute brands along with a wide price range. Everything that I love though is always pretty expensive, obviously, so I only order from Revolve every few months. I do keep a section of ‘my favorites’ in my Revolve account so I can keep track of what I like and see if they go on sale later.

2. H&M
I looooove to shop H&M online. I love that everything comes to you clean and brand new. I know some H&M stores are kind of messy and a bunch of people have tried everything on (at least in NYC) so I love that the items I order are only mine. Also they always have online exclusives that are usually pretty cute.

3. Intermix
So Intermix is suuuuper expensive. Honestly I just look at the site for inspo, however they do always have major sales going on. I did actually just purchase a super cute top that was on sale from $245 to $90 – definitely worth it. I suggest signing up for their emails because there’s always good discount codes they send you. Also the styling on this site is amazing; so many great outfit ideas.

4. ShopStyle
If you don’t know what ShopStyle is you are seriously missing out. It’s basically a collection of everything you can shop on the internet, including clothing, beauty accessories, and home items. I always use it when I have something specific in mind that I am looking for, say a pair of white, pointed toe pumps. You can input all your specifications into the search engine, like category, color, price range, ect. and it’ll come out with all the white pumps it can find. Basically, anything you want, you can find through ShopStyle.

5. Fashion Bunker
BNKR is an Australian site that carries super cool brands. It’s pretty fashion forward but everything is amazing and really good quality. I’ve linked below pieces from the labels they carry, but if you want to visit the actual site, click the link above :)

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