Hello hello hello and welcome to my Thailand travel guide! Everything I wish we would have known, faves, regrets, and recommendations.


We stayed in Thailand for 8 days total and two different locations – both in Phuket. The first place we stayed was called The Slate. Its a small, chic resort across the street from the beach and its super close to the airport which was so nice after traveling so long!

So many activities are available through the resort and they’re so accommodating and nice. Its also pretty affordable – me and Dani got a one bedroom with our own pool. The only con about this place was that it is a lot of couples and families which was honestly fine since we were there to relax!

After spending three days at The Slate we headed to Santhiya on Koh Yao Yai island. This resort was definitely one of my top if not my favorite places we stayed during our Asia trip. It is really big (you need to take golf carts to get places) but it is so gorgeous and the views are amazing everywhere you go. The pools are also to dieeeee.

Throughout our Asia trip this room was one of the smaller ones we booked and it was still amazing and bigger than your average hotel room with a hot tub/bath on the balcony. I also went to the spa and got a massage. The spa was amazing but warning the massage was kind of intrusive hahaha not anything terrible but if you’re not comfortable being naked in front of strangers then I don’t recommend getting a massage in Thailand as I’ve heard that this is pretty average for resorts there. I am in love with this place and definitely would come back.


So many things! I love Thai food so we took a cooking class through our resort The Slate. They took us to a local market and we made a few Thai dishes at the hotel. I’m a really picky eater but they were so nice about my restrictions haha. Also the woman who taught the class was so sweet and made a whole list of things we needed to do in the city which we did the next day!

We were able to hire a driver through The Slate for the day. We gave him a list of places we wanted to go and he also was knowledgeable about the city. We started the day by walking around Old Town and doing some shopping. Then we went to Wat Chalong temple which was so gorge. After that we headed up the mountain to Big Buddha which is also an amazing lookout. From there we went to a couple beaches and more lookouts. It was definitely a long day but so worth it! You can cover the city in one day for sure. It was about $90 to hire the driver for the day which is kind of expensive but that was split between two people and I felt more comfortable hiring someone from the resort.

While staying at Santhiya we knew we wanted to tour the neighboring islands as Phi Phi Islands and James Bond Island are must dos while in Phuket. We weren’t really sure about hiring an outside company to take us on an excursion so we went through the resort which was definitely more expensive but I don’t regret it because the boat was really nice and they take you to do like a million things while out on the water like exploring caves, water villages, snorkeling, monkey sightings, and lunch! We did two days of excursions for about $120 each. They last all day like 8 hours and pick you up and drop you off at the resort. I definitely recommend doing these excursions they’re long but soooo fun and you see everything.

Almost all the resorts we stayed at offered free workout classes but the most fun was a Thai boxing class. The instructor was super intense and taught us all about the art of Thai boxing which I loved.


Almost everywhere you go in Thailand you must take your shoes off before entering. This includes temples, restaurants, spas, hotels, ect. so I would definitely recommend bringing easy slip on sandals instead of sneakers or lace up sandals.

Definitely get cash before you venture out of the airport. Almost everything is a cash payment including drivers even if you book through the hotel. I’d recommend even using cash the whole time. The only places that really accepted cards were the hotels and nice restaurants.

In terms of transportation we booked everything through our hotels. This was my biggest worry when going to Thailand because they don’t have Uber! What was life before it honestly lol. Some of our bookings included transportation to and from the airport too which was nice. For example our booking with The Slate included a return to the airport so we went back to the airport just to be picked up by the Santhiya!

Everyone in Thailand whether they work at your hotel or not is soooo incredibly nice. They will go out of their way to help you with anything you need. I definitely relied on them so much for any info or help organizing anything plus there are a ton of excursions through so many of the hotels in Thailand so I’d recommend trying those :)

See you in Bali!